About Oephebia

me april 2021

Born under the sign of Gemini many moons ago, Oephebia is a French psychic tarot reader and tarot teacher, living in London (South London – Clapham). She came to live in the UK in 1994 when she married her English musician husband. They share their home with two rescued Persian cats aka the kitty monsters.

Oephebia has shown a keen interest in the tarot and spirituality since her mid-teens and developed her skills in her early twenties by doing readings in her native France. She has been reading the tarot professionally in the UK since 1996.

Her skills and talent reside in her down to earth attitude and her compassion in helping people to reach their potential and to help them when it is needed. She often says that she is a mere “translator” of the language of the Tarot.

She has read the tarot in a wide variety of environments, from exhibitions, festivals, psychic fairs, events, charity balls, private parties, telephone lines, media events with celebrities, to TV (she was a resident psychic/presenter for 2 years on live shows on Sky, has appeared on Current TV, Bravo TV and diverse magazines and newspapers) and of course her private practice.

Oephebia is also a tarot teacher as she believes everybody has basic intuition (gut feelings) and combined with practice, they can develop their dormant psychic abilities. She has taught the Awakening Tarot course in South London since 2002 and has helped hundreds of people on the path of self development.

She is currently writing courses for advanced tarot practitioners and students. Her abilities as a healer has led her to investigate how to use the tarot for well being and she is happy to teach her methods to tarot afficionados.

She occasionally provide lectures on the Tarot and was one of the speakers of the Tarot of the British Isles tarot conference in 2003 and 2019. Her chosen subject for the 2019 tarot conference was Tarot and the Crone 🙂

She also has a small blog concerning the tarot and other spiritual subjects to share her passion of the unseen. Oephebia is designing her own tarot pack (albeit at a sloth’s pace) when she has time to unwind.

Oephebia is a retired animal communicator, animal healer and Bach Flowers Practitioner for animals. She still is an animal activist but more behind the scene these days.

Her hobbies are various, from jewellery making, to sewing tarot bags, herbalism, making soaps and candles, apothecary and colouring for adults 🙂

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