Colours and Tarot

Colour Blue and the Tarot


Blue is the colour associated with the sky and the oceans.
Blue is the ideal colour to help meditation, dreams and for healing.


A room painted with blue walls will calm and soothe the mind encouraging relaxation and releasing stress.

For this reason, blue is the perfect colour for bedrooms to enhance good sleep and dreams.


Blue is the colour of authority and “the blue blood line” in French history talks about the royal connection with the heavens. It was believed that the King was the representation of God on earth and because of the “purity” of his blood (by being born in the Royal family within the sanctity of marriage), the King was considered pure and divine.

Certainly Louis the XIV of France took this idea further by declaring himself the Sun king, le Roi Soleil, as this picture from the gate of the Chateau de Versailles shows. The absolute divine power coming from the sky 🙂


Following the idea that blue is the colour of “authority” and divine right, presumably the colour blue attributed for centuries to boys, has some roots in the idea that men were the authority within a family line (inheritance, carrying on the name etc…).

Fortunately mentalities are changing now, and more colours are more available for both boys and girls 🙂



Another hint that blue is connected with spirituality, wisdom and the heavens is found in the Christian iconography. The Virgin Mary is often represented with a blue veil and white dress, as she is the mother of the son of God (Blue veil: the connection to heaven) and she is pure (white dress).


As we have seen blue is connected to the celestial bodies and the Universe. Our own planet is called the Blue Planet and was the subject of documentaries by Sir David Attenborough.


Blue is also the colour of the throat chakra 🙂
The throat chakra when balanced is the centre of your truth and your ability to communicate.

Blue has a connection with Neptune (dream and imagination) and Mercury (communication and self-expression)


Colour blue in the tarot (Radiant Rider Waite)

The High Priestess card bears a resemblance with the Virgin Mary as she wears a blue veil (symbol of her wisdom) on a white dress (showing her purity as she is the guardian of truth).

The Hanged Man (ruled by Neptune) wears a blue garment, facilitating his meditation and withdrawal from a busy mind.

The Queen of Swords (3rd decan in Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury) wears a blue cape adorned with clouds. Obviously the blue colour is linked to a Royal connection (she is a Queen) but possibly to her healing abilities with words! She is a clear communicator, and can talk her mind in a concise and truthful way (the sword in her hand).

The king of Cups wears a blue tunic, connecting him to the oceans and spirituality. He is a great listener, and his calming energies and wisdom can help reconnect to one self.

There are many other cards with a blue sky, or with people wearing a blue garment within the RW and other tarot decks.

Always pay attention to the colour blue 🙂

More info on colours and tarot: the colour black and the colour green 🙂


Oephebia and the kitty monsters

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Cards symbolism

Suit of Cups

To celebrate the Second International tarot day an international team of specially tasked sleuths have been hot on the trail of 14 suspects from the dreamy world of Cups.

All potential culprits were chosen at random.

These detectives were able to profile many suspects but sadly, the most elusive of them used illusionary tricks to elude them.

The detectives interrogated the 3 of Cups (but it was a fail on this one), 4 of Cups by Tarot and Kitties , 5 of Cups by Mother Tarot, 10 of Cups (another fail), Queen of Cups by San Dee and King of Cups by Auntie Moon.

The sleuths had a list of questions to follow in order to build a forensic profile of their particular suspect.

Here are the unnerving tales of some of the suspects.



3 of Cups

Sadly, the investigator has not completed their case.


4 of Cups

4 of Cups blog by Oephebia


5 of Cups

5 of Cups blog by Mother Tarot


10 of Cups

Sadly, the detective has not completed their case.


Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups by San Dee

I was given the Queen of Cups as my card to investigate. Here’s my interpretation.

Possible meaning of the Queen of Cups.
The card depicts a young woman sitting on a throne at the edge of the sea. She is holding a beautiful cup with sculpted handles and a closed lid. Her hands are at the base of the cup. Because the cup has a lid I see this as introspection; a woman in tune with her inner emotions.

She is wearing a golden crown and silver robe. Her cloak is patterned blue and white like waves in the water.

She is sitting alone on a throne with carvings of mermaids and shells; another reference to water and the sea.

The sky is perfectly cloudlessly blue. The water at her feet is smooth and calm. Colourful rocks have washed up on the shore and she rests her feet on them and not in the water.

I interpreted the Queen of Cups as a woman who is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. Her face is very calm and her posture on the throne appears relaxed yet confident, showing she is emotionally secure in herself and her feelings. Being confident herself allows her to connect on an emotional level with others in an honest and warm hearted manner. She is kind, generous, empathic, and intuitive, often sensing emotions before they are vocalised. Invariably she is a good listener.

On the card she faces west to the setting sun.

Because of her caring attributes, she might be found in such professions as counsellor, psychic, or a healer of some description.

If this card shows in a reading it might represent someone you know; possibly yourself.

Numerology connection of the Queen of Cups.
In researching this card I came up with the numbers 3, for creative energy; 11, representing enlightenment; and 38, which can be reduced to 11.

Element traditionally associated with the Queen of Cups.
The element traditionally associated with the Queen of Cups is water, which is fluid. I believe this represents a woman who is giving and adaptable, since water will always take the path of least resistance, and can re-form itself to any circumstance. The water on the card is very calm; indicative of serenity and peacefulness. These feelings are echoed in the cloudless, perfect sky, and in her clothing and calm posture.

Astrological association.
In astrology I found three correspondences; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; though Cancer seemed to be predominant.

Shadow side.
In shadow she might have a problem with substance abuse, or be emotionally immature. She might also be delusional, co-dependent, or obsessive.

Crystals associated with the Queen of Cups.
The crystal associated with this card is the emerald, popularly believed to bring loyalty and provide domestic bliss; enhance unconditional love, and promote friendship. The emerald stimulates the heart chakra, able to heal emotions as well as the physical heart. Its soothing energy embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.

Herbs, flowers or essential oils connected to the Queen of Cups.
The only herb I came across connected to this card was one called Lady’s Mantle. Alchemists once thought that the moisture in the leaves had magical properties and could be used to restore youth. The leaves of the plant taste quite bitter but can be brewed in a tea or, if they are young leaves, mixed into salads. Medicinally, Lady’s Mantle can help with menstrual cramps and relieve excessive bleeding. This information ties into the card being female and in touch with her inner and outer self.

Something I found interesting was a list of medicine totems associated with the card. They are snake, owl, and spider; creatures representing unwinding, unravelling, shedding, and shifting between worlds.

Happy International Tarot Day!


King of Cups

King of Cups by AuntieMoon




The investigations were also taken in different directions, from major suspects to lesser culprits in the realm of Wands, Pentacles and Swords

Enjoy and Happy International Tarot day 🙂

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