French Elections and Tarot

French Elections and Tarot

During last year, we have seen dramatic changes in the political landscape worldwide with the American elections and Brexit here in the UK. This year we have the French Presidential elections that is dividing the country and the German elections is looming on the horizon, plus of course the general elections in the UK.

The outcome of both the French and German elections could potentially change fundamentally the way the EU operates.

On 7th May, French citizens (myself included) are going to cast their vote (or not if they choose).

Interestingly, in numerology: 7th of May = 22 which is a master number and should not be reduced to a single digit (7+5+2+1+7=22).
Number 22 is the most intuitive of all master numbers and suggests destiny, a bigger picture at play and a powerful day not only for the candidates or France but, for the world, regardless of who wins!
The dice will be thrown and a new political chapter will be opened.

The free will of millions of French people is going to be exercised both in mainland France and abroad with expats.

I have done a simple reading for both candidates. It is not at all a predictive reading as the free will of millions will make the scale go one way or the other but, rather it is an analysis of the energies around each candidate and their possible direction on the day.

Let’s start with Marine Le Pen.

Here the energies of the Page of Cups could represent Marine’s opponent (Macron), young and good looking (well according to some of the electorate who said they would vote for him for that reason) also because Macron is rather idealistic and with not a lot of experience on the political scene.

4 of cups: suggests some disappointment during the run in of the second round, with people not necessarily putting their money where their mouths are and some abstentions in some regions.

3 of Swords: may foretell some unrest if Marine is elected, perhaps violence on the streets, maybe even more… A personal tragedy for Marine may occur not necessarily this week, but in the near future.
She is going to be vilified even more by the press and she will be facing strong opposition, to the point of desperate attempts to stop her.

Justice and the Ace of Cups are a strange combination as Justice suggests that she will get what she deserves and the will of the people will have spoken. The Ace of Cups in this instance may represent Marine feeling that she has done her best to express her views and hopes for the country and that she will respect the will of the French people.

Again, this is not a predictive reading per say rather, to see the possible outcome because the free will of people will weigh heavily on the scales of Justice (literally here).

Macron-presidential-electionsNow Emmanuel Macron

2 of Swords: a very interesting card because Macron claims that he is not from the right and not from the left, rather a centrist (which many people would disagree with). He may struggle to reconcile voters from the traditional right and the traditional left.

Page of Pentacles: is significant here as he was the minister of the economy and comes from a banking background, which is the realm of the pentacles 😉
He has very little experience in politics and some of his economic reforms are considered inefficient to tackle France’s economic problems.

Six of Wands: indicates that many people will rally around him and will try to steer the boat in the right direction. Some regions will vote “en masse” for him, but victory will be more in some regions than national.

The Lovers plus 7 of Swords and the 10 of Swords is a very bizarre combination of cards in the sense that he is seen as the favourite to win the elections, with massive support from the “establishment”. However, it feels that some unsavoury facts about him (money given to his campaign coming from shady sources), or a scandal of some kind will be dragged up to the surface in the near future. A chance of back stabbing too with the 7 of Swords and people at the end even deserting him (10 of Swords) particularly, since he said that his wife will be also part of the presidential elite (a la Obama which is suggested by the Lovers?). It feels like people won’t be happy to vote for a couple when we are supposed to vote for a candidate (the spouses of Presidents traditionally are not involved in any decisions on a governmental level, Macron will differ)

vote-1804596I feel that these elections are the most crucial France has ever seen, with a vacuum remaining because of the traditional parties losing in the first round.

The question will be would Macron or Marine be good for France?
Are we on the verge of a potential crisis that will engulf France, the EU even the World?

Fool-result-French-electionsWe are living in uncertain times and I feel that we should expect the unexpected (The Fool) which is the card I drew for the energies of May and that is probably our best bet for now 😉